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  • Maintenance and installation can be performed completely from the rooftop eliminating the need for large cranes and heavy equipment providing significant cost savings.

    Sign Maintenance from Rooftop

    Sign shown in maintenance position on rooftop

  • Logo and Name Changes are easy as raising the old sign, removing it from the display carrier, install your new sign, and lower it back to the display position.
  • exterior sign no cranes

    No need for cranes or heavy equipment

    Protect your sign from Severe Weather. Simply raise, strap down, and cover your sign on the rooftop to protect it from high winds, ice, hail, or hurricanes.

  • Channel Letters, LED Display, Lighted Sign enclosures, Banners, and any other type of display system can be used with the Over the Edge Sign System™.
  • Perfect for Lease Buildings, Hospitals, Hotels, Office Buildings, Arenas, or any structure with a relatively flat roof.

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